February 6, 2009

Greatest Weakness Interview Question

The ABA Journal online edition provides some perspective on the dreaded "What is your greatest weakness?" interview question, referencing a longer Wall Street Journal article. Additional career related articles are also available online.

February 3, 2009

HUD's Chicago Regional Office Internship

The US Department of Housing & Urban Development's Office of Fair Housing & Equal Opportunity has posted a volunteer summer internship for their Chicago office. Check out HUD's initiatives and mission and the Office's information. If you are interested in government, civil rights, or a flexible job for the summer, check out Symplicity for the full posting.

February 2, 2009

Time Saving Tips

We all know technology can save us time. We also know that it can create a great drain if not harnessed properly. Have you played around in your email account features lately? How do you receive notifications from your RSS feeds? Directly into your email box or do you use a reading feed? One of the biggest time savers (and inbox decluttering techniques) you can use is to make sure your listservs are sent to you in digest format, rather than each individual email. Refer to last week's entry on the Events calendar to make sure you aren't missing any important College of Law programming by forgetting to add it to your calendaring system. Solutions aren't one size fits all -- play with your tools and be consistent with what works for you!

Hot Federal Government Jobs

Per the Partnership for Public Service, two hot government jobs are with the FBI and HHS Emerging Leaders Program (NOTE: February 6, 2009 deadline approaching!!) The Partnership's website is a wealth of information about federal jobs, hiring practices, and trends. Check it out today and sign up for their Daily Pipeline email -- a wealth of nuggets delivered to your inbox!

February 1, 2009

Summer Scholarship Applications Due February 2, 2009

Seeking summer public interest funding from the Law Career Services Office or the Center for Public Interest Law? Applications are due by 5 p.m. on Monday, February 2, 2009 and can be found in the Symplicity Document Library. Decisions will be made on a rolling basis throughout the spring. For additional information, see the Summer Funding Guide in eReserves.