February 18, 2010

Google Buzz

Google Buzz debuted last week to all gmail users -- whether you wanted it or not. The jury is still out (and will likely remain so for quite a while yet) on the privacy and other implications, and especially Google's tactic of releasing it to everyone. Don't want to use Google Buzz? This is the best post we've seen to help you disable the feature. As a warning, it also disables any profile you have attached to your gmail account. All things considered, this may be a good thing as this could really just be one more place that you forget to update as your life changes.

February 17, 2010

Finding the Time to Network

You can't afford to not network, as this blog post points out. Yes, it takes time, effort, discipline, and some pre-planning, but you can find the time to attend Chicago Bar Association meetings (yes, duck out early to get to class if necessary), participate in writing competitions, and attending office hours. It takes time to develop relationships, attend career service programming, and meet with your advisor, but your investment in your network builds not only your contacts, but also your professional and personal development.