December 9, 2010

LinkedIn is Not a Shortcut

This blog post from last week (as tweeted here and retweeted by us here),  served as a good reminder that LinkedIn is a tool in your job search, and should not be used to create shortcuts in developing relationships. Follow-up, thank you notes, giving and receiving, providing value, and continuing the conversation are all parts of developing relationships -- when time and thought is given to developing relationships, that will show over time, and provide you a richer, deeper, more rewarding network of contacts.

December 7, 2010

TO DO: Monitoring your Online Presence

This Forbes article is a fantastic resource in considering your online presence. Due diligence is required when working with clients, but one of your most important clients is yourself and how you are presented to the world.  Make monitoring your online presence a habit, from as simple as setting up a google alert on your name to regular LinkedIn status updates, it is necessary to make sure your online persona reflects a positive, proactive, professional persona that incorporates your personal brand.