August 27, 2009

Strategy, Psychology, & Networking

Tim Tyrell-Smith has lots of insights about the job search. His philosophy boils down to three components: strategy, psychology, and networking. He has just published a free e-Book 30 Ideas: The Ideas of Successful Job Search, which is full of ideas on how to bring to together the advice you've already heard or forgotten to put into practice. He addresses many common fears and the various ways that job searches evolve, addresses the time crunch on networking, and so much more. His blog reinforces the concepts in the book, as well as provides continued insight and stories to illustrate his philosophy. Check it all out today!

August 26, 2009

Personal Branding & Stories

Don Hewitt, the creator and former executive producer of the show 60 Minutes, left a legacy of telling stories. While it is important that you know how to give an elevator pitch, or quick introduction of yourself, in 30 seconds or less, what will you tell someone about yourself once you have them hooked? How is your personal brand interwoven that elevator pitch, into every story you tell while networking and in an interview, into every cover letter you write?

August 25, 2009

Increasing Your LinkedIn Connections

This blog entry talks about some simple steps to increase your connections on LinkedIn. How else should you increase your connections? Every time you meet someone new, after you've sent the follow-up email, drop them a request to connect via LinkedIn. This will help you keep track of their career and any changes, especially if they change email addresses.