June 25, 2009

IBR -- Ditch Your Debt

The creative folks at IBRinfo.org have created a new cartoon based video called Ditch Your Debt Gremlin, which provides a great synopsis of how IBR (income based repayment) works, who is eligible, and how it can be used for remaining debt forgiveness through CCRAA (College Cost Reduction Access Act). This is the website that also has great calculators to assist you in decision making. The US Department of Education has also posted a fact sheet and its own calculator. IBR becomes effective July 1, 2009 so educate yourself on your options today!

June 24, 2009

Managing your Online Identity

The Wall Street Journal Blogs has an on-going series for the Laid Off and Looking, which ran a great segment a couple of weeks ago (we love finding this stuff through the DePaul Alumni Association group on LinkedIn) called Advice: Controlling Your Online Image While Looking for Work. This article provides practical tips about controlling your online identity, and things to consider in posting your

June 23, 2009

LinkedIn: Providing Connections & Opportunities

LinkedIn has become a versatile tool for job seekers, networkers, recruiters, and people looking for like-minded professionals. Rob Gorrie, Founder of Adcentricity, explores how LinkedIn has helped him link to the right people at the right time.

June 22, 2009

Internal Deadlines for Fellowship Sponsor Sites

Are you interested in pursuing a Skadden or Equal Justice Works fellowship? Many organizations have their own internal deadlines which they sometimes advertise on PSLawNet, to their internal listservs, or just keep as institutional knowledge. For example, here in Chicago, the internal LAF deadline is July 1, and students interested should contact Rick Wheelock by that date (and truly, preferably before then). We're finishing up a fellowship guide which will debut soon, so keep an eye out for that announcement coming soon.