October 7, 2009

Three Truths for Your Job Search

This article does a great job of reminding us that not everything about the job search is about credentials -- after all, people want to work with others that they enjoy as well as have a commitment to the work itself. There is still something true about being in the right place at the right time too -- but you can' t be there unless you're out and about in lots of places, making yourself useful and knowledgeable to various groups and people. And one caveat on the third truth in the article --sometimes it is who knows you, your skills, your abilities, your interests, and your availability!

October 6, 2009

PICs Picks: LCS Programming

Many students are concerned about how to land a job and how to stand out in the crowd. If you have these concerns, it would be beneficial to attend the numerous programs put on by Law Career Services. A major focus on upcoming sessions will be on how to market yourself in a tough economy, including how to place the focus on the positives you possess and create strategies to strengthen your credentials, skills, and interests. Learning these skills is crucial for anyone entering the legal job market, but they are not regularly emphasized or discussed during regular courses. It is incumbent on the ambitious and far-sighted student to seek out opportunities to learn and polish these skills to places themselves in an advantageous position throughout the job search and professional development process. You are encouraged to read the weekly LCS newsletter, pay attention to bulletin boards and the College of Law calendar, and follow the LCS Twitter account to stay on top of all the programming not only offered by LCS but in the wider legal community as well.