December 10, 2009

Public Policy Handbook Coming Soon!

We are very excited to let you know that we have just submitted our invoice request to access the Public Policy Handbook, a resource similar to the Government Honors & Internship Handbook which will focus on policy internships and positions. We will be adding the login information to this resource to the Symplicity announcements page as soon as it is launched in late January. In the meantime, PSLawNet is a great resource to be using for finding Fellowship, Internship, and full-time public interest job opportunities as well.

December 9, 2009

Behavioral Interviews

One of the buzz phrases in legal hiring is 'behavioral interview questions' which can provide a look at how a candidate's past experiences will anticipate future work situations and decisions. These questions are aimed at teasing out a candidate's skills, experience, temperament, and interests as a good fit for the employer's culture, mission, and strategy. To prepare fully for these types of questions, candidates need to conduct a full and thorough self-assessment of their past experiences, developing skill sets, and interests, and how those intersect with the employer's needs. Legal career require flexibility, persistence, consistent hard work, and dedication. Make sure you are ready to discuss not only anything that is on your resume but other experiences that enable you to show those attributes.

December 8, 2009

PICs Picks: Hometown Networking

As we all prepare for exams and then a long hiatus from school, it is tempting to let our job search languish. One way to help stave off this urge and help to bolster your professional network is to try and reach out to attorneys who are based in your hometown. Many people in law school have some connection to working lawyers, whether it is friends' parents, parents' friends, a neighbor, or an old coach. While you are home for an extended period, reach out to these people and try to set up a meeting with them. Lunch, dinner, or even a cup of coffee will provide a chance to either kindle a new connection or renew a dormant one. It will also allow the person to see the professional you are aspiring to be and give them a chance to learn of your areas of interest. This could potentially large dividends for your job search in law school and beyond.