March 18, 2010

What is your six word professional statement?

I have been using the below activity with a lot of success with students. It is based off of the book "Six Word Memoirs".

To better understand who you are (or want to be) as a professional, create six word professional statements. Below is one example by a career adviser from another school.


STEP ONE: Brainstorm (list all words and phrases that come to mind as you think about your professional self):

Media, telling stories, listening to stories, adviser/advise, counselor, career, strategy, marketing, brand, story, connector, educator, create, relationships, values, creating careers, hustle, holistic, creating lives, creating futures

STEP TWO: Create 6 word professional statement (review your brainstorming list and try to construct a professional statement of only 6 words).

1. Holistic counselor and media career professional.
2. Student-centered counselor, media career strategist. (I like this one)

This exercise is a great beginning step for cover letters, resumes, 30/60 second commercials and interviewing.

We suggest pairing it with the Harvard Business School exercise on elevator pitches we highlighted last year.