July 28, 2010

Connecting to Supervisors

As your summer position, whether paid or volunteer, comes to a close, make some time to take your supervising attorney out for lunch or a cup of coffee. This will give you the opportunity to gain additional feedback on your performance and make sure that this important ally knows your future goals and create a lasting impression of your professionalism. The legal profession is a small place, and with most jobs being gained from referrals, you need to take the time to grow and continually cultivate your networking contacts. If you haven't already, create a LinkedIn account and a networking plan (can simply be a contact sheet you create in Excel). Then not only plan, but execute, on your follow-up!

July 26, 2010

LinkedIn Job Search Tips

I do a lot of reading, writing, and presenting on LinkedIn, which ties to networking, personal branding, and professional development. From my perusal of twitterverse/blogosphere I wanted to share two great articles on LinkedIn. The first, Top 10 LinkedIn Job Search Tips, gives all the conventional advice, but the one I think many job seekers miss is to follow the LinkedIn blog. This is so important so that you can show employers that you know how to use the latest tools not only to benefit your own professional image, but also those with whom you associate (employers, bar associations, professional groups, alumni or other affinity groups). The second, while coming from a negative angle, really gets at my mantra of how to use my 3 Ps (professional, proactive, and positive) of online behavior. LinkedIn Strategies That Keep You Unemployed also helps you focus on when a message or discussion might be proactive and even professional, but is it really positive?