June 30, 2010

Law Street Journal Summer Experience Series

This week The Law Street Journal introduces a new summer series called "Summer Experiences." Every Wednesday, the site will run an article written by a law student describing their summer experience. Experiences will range from the big firm clerkship to public interest and everything in between. If you would like to submit an article about your summer experience, please email the editors. To follow this series, tune in today!

LinkedIn Groups

What's the buzz? Where do you find it? One of the places we read the buzz is through LinkedIn groups, which have a new layout as of last week. LinkedIn groups provide you an opportunity to not only read and keep up with industry trends, but also sometimes have otherwise unposted jobs, and enables you to quickly, easily, and concisely begin to join in conversations. This last part can help build your image, as you're commenting with authenticity and building your integrity because this isn't an anonymous blog commenting system, so make sure you are doing so with care.

June 28, 2010

Networking Takes a Plan

One of our connections through DePaul's ASK Program recently shared this networking article from the Wall Street Journal. This article addresses the question of an incoming student concerned about finding time to network while enrolled full-time. One other thing that networking shows though is that you are prepared to enter a demanding profession. When you are able to show an employer that you handled the competing demands of several classes, an externship/pro bono/job commitment, community involvement, networking, and (active!) bar association membership. Yes, it is a lot, but building these habits early in law school makes you a stronger candidate as well as makes the transition into the legal profession after law school.