November 24, 2009

5 Steps to Building Your Story to Get the Job You Want

This blog posting from Gotta Mentor echoes of the themes you will hear from career advisors: part of your job search is about building transferrable skills to get the experience you need as you develop the network that can help you get there. Building your story, and thus your windy career path, takes time and will not happen overnight. You need a plan, and these five steps can help you make sure you've done your homework and are developing the credentials, skills, and demonstrate your interests to get you to that dream job -- even if it is two to three jobs from the next one.

November 23, 2009

Being in School May Be Your Sabbatical but...

For some people, returning to school or continuing education is the sabbatical. This blog posting however provides ways to create spaces for creativity and general health and well-being that you are encouraged to incorporate into your own life, such as:
  • Working out to create space in your mind
  • Using your commute to focus on other interests
  • Enjoy nature
Taking time to smell the roses will help you remember why you are in law school as well as remind you that your life is not just law school.