July 15, 2010

Leading with Confidence, Not a Sense of Omnipotence

Many employers say they are looking to hire leaders. So how do you define your leadership? How do you learn about becoming a leader? Is it by leading? Is it by following? Reading about and thinking about your own leadership style? Probably a little of all of it, which is why a little humilty goes a long way as a leader, which this HBR article highlights. Really, we don't know it all, we all make mistakes in leading and deciding, but how do you still convey confidence? Some things to contemplate as you are marketing yourself as an independent, yet capable, future/new/experienced lawyer.

July 14, 2010

Federal Honors Programs

Are you interested in a career in the federal government? You should be considering Federal Honors and Internship Programs. The Government Honors & Internship Handbook provides information on all of the large programs, generally out of headquarters and larger regional offices (the login/password is available to you in Symplicity). You can also seek out similar opportunities locally through externships in the Field Placement Office and on a volunteer basis by using the Government Job Search Guide in the Symplicity Document Library. You may also make a career advising appointment with Alisa to discuss how to network and seek jobs in the government sector. Some great blogs to help you keep a pulse on the federal government include:
And don't forget the Making the Difference resources for job seekers as well.