April 2, 2009

PICs Picks: Bar Association Memberships

While Bar Association memberships are known for assisting law students with career exploration and developing networking and professional skills, there are also non-job related benefits as well. 2L Public Interest Coordinator (PIC) Elizabeth Boe found this to be true recently when she explored various car insurance options through her ABA membership. The ABA-affiliated rate was the best deal out there! Her friends have also shared that the hotel discounts have come in handy as well. Check out your various Association memberships to find great deals available for insurance, hotels, and even events around the city!

April 1, 2009

Cover Letters

Stuck on what to include in a cover letter? What is the purpose of a cover letter? What do I need to address that is different from my resume? First, start with your personal marketing plan. How can you tie together the 2-3 things you want the employer to see as threads or trends from your experiences, skills, and interests? How do these pieces help this employer accomplish their goals? Remember, the cover letter is about the employer and their needs and how you will help meet them. Then move onto the LCS Cover Letter booklet in Symplicity's document library for samples. Finally, your LCS advisor would be happy to review your cover letter template if you email it to her. A well crafted cover letter will show that you have researched the employer thoroughly, you have the skills they are seeking, and highlight both trends in your resume as well as skills not apparent from your resume.

March 31, 2009

College Cost Reduction & Access Act

In 2007, President Bush signed into law the College Cost Reduction Access Act, which provides a new reduced payment formula for all borrowers and loan forgiveness for those in public interest. Many stipulations apply (including specialized loan consolidation), and affect individuals very differently, but Equal Justice Works provides a great set of resources, including a podcast and a blog posting on making sure you employment qualifies for the forgiveness.

March 30, 2009

Summer Adoption Law Institute

Are you interested in child welfare? Check out Capital University's Summer Adoption Law Institute and Interdisciplinary Child Welfare Institute for an intensive look at these legal issues. Permission to participate must be granted by DePaul so please see Dean White for details on securing permission.