June 19, 2009

This Week's Posts

This Week's Posts Included:

Access Group Scholarships

For the second consecutive year, Access Group is sponsoring its popular law scholarship video contest and we’re inviting as many students as possible to participate in this opportunity. During last year’s “One Less Worry” contest, we received 99 video submissions and awarded six winning law students more than $15,000 in scholarships. Now, they’re doing it again! Check out the details, rules, and deadlines today!

June 18, 2009

Becoming the Leader

Do you want to be the future of the bar? This requires you to become involved, which you can do through what was termed Intentional Relationship Building last week. Whether you want to be managing partner, executive director, a judge, elected or appointed government official, or just well-versed, you have to be known to be tapped for or accepted in leadership positions. The Idealist Career Corner addresses the dearth of ready leadership for the public sector in the coming months and years, but this applies to parts of the private sector, and especially our professional organizations as well.

June 17, 2009

Making an Impression on the Assistant

According to results of a new survey conducted by OfficeTeam, more than 60 percent of executives surveyed said they consider their assistant’s opinion important when evaluating potential new hires. Executives were asked, “How important is your assistant’s opinion about the job candidates you interview for positions at all levels?” Their responses were:
  • Very important—21 percent
  • Somewhat important—40 percent
  • Somewhat unimportant—18 percent
  • Very unimportant—16 percent
  • Don’t have an assistant—4 percent
  • Don’t know—1 percent

June 16, 2009

12 Networking Tips

What kinds of news are you getting every day from your LinkedIn groups? For example, recently on the ASK LinkedIn group discussion board, DePaul alum John Jameson shared these Networking Tips from a recent networking survey he conducted of experienced networkers:

1. Networking relationships are about quality and strength, not quantity.
2. Be yourself, be open minded, and step outside of your comfort zone.
3. Have goals in networking but make it about them. Pay it forward.
4. We have two ears and one mouth, use them proportionally.
5. Do it early and often. Build your network before you need it.
6. Never turn down a connection and don’t burn bridges; you never know who is connected to who.
7. Think of three things that you want people to remember about you.
8. Build a personal Board of Directors .
9. Only ask for what you would be willing to do for someone else.
10. Start with “warm contacts” like neighbors, friends, alumni associations, etc. if you’re uncomfortable networking.
11. Never make an empty promise .
12. Be Genuine.

These simple rules will help you as you consider long-term, short-term, personal, and professional networking needs and opportunities.

June 15, 2009

5 Tips for a Successful Transition to Practice

Authentic Strategies, in partnership with William & Mitchell College of Law, presents a webcast series on important career and professional development topics. The latest, 5 Tips for a Successful Transition to Practice, focuses on things that you can do to ensure success in your early career.