October 15, 2009

Document Library

We try to make as much available as possible no matter the time or day of the week. Check out the Document Library in Symplicity today to look at guides on Cover Letters, Resumes, Writing Samples, Guide to Bar Admissions, Interviewing, and so much more. We've just updated the Public Interest Summer Funding Resource List so check it out today!

October 13, 2009

Time & Calendar Management

One of my favorite things about Evite is that you can directly add the events to your calendar. But did you know that the functionality on the College of Law calendar allows you to not only add it to a whole host of calendar systems (Google, Outlook, iCal, Facebook, and more) but also send you a text reminder? You can even have the system alert you if the program details change. Many sites now offer these easy ways to keep yourself reminded of upcoming events so take advantage of them today!