July 29, 2009

Social Media: Keeping it Secure

Have you heard about the Twitter hack escapade of a couple weeks ago? This is one of those stories that should scare you if you use the same password for multiple accounts or don't change passwords very often (yes, we know it is annoying). Why are secure or smart passwords important? What is considered good password habits? Don't let all the work you've done keeping your social media appropriate go down the drain because of a a hacker!

July 28, 2009

Using LinkedIn to Organize Networking Events

One of the pieces many of us struggle with in networking is finding ways to provide value back to those contacts. Do you have an affinity group for which you would like to help schedule a networking event? Think alumni group, non-profit organizations, neighborhood groups. This blog posting provides some insight on how to tap into your LinkedIn account to do just that -- and you'll probably think of more!

July 27, 2009

Being a model adopted employee

Many law students hold down one or more part-time gigs in law school. This article provides three tips on being the "model adopted employee" -- the part-timer. The third tip is applicable to your "other job" of being a student. It makes it much easier to provide you a reference later if your supervisor can see how this job helps you reach your future goals.